About Gulf Data Services

Facilitating business opportunity for North American and European technology companies in the Middle East.

Exploring new markets can be a daunting endeavor if your company is not familiar with the local business climate and general flow of commerce. Reduce risk, shorten your time to market, and increase the effectiveness of business development by engaging Gulf Data Services as your trusted partner in the region. We represent and promote technology companies from North America, Europe, and parts of Asia in the high technology space - including information technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

“Since 2016, Gulf Data Services has been our trusted advisor when it comes to approaching potential clients in the Middle East. We saved significant resources by streamlining an ineffective marketing campaign and cut 4 months off of our delivery schedule to a key utility company the Emirates.”

David H. Wilson, Fretwork Security Advisors
Seattle, Washington, USA

Our Services

Leverage our expertise of the Gulf States market to promote and represent your technology product or service.

Agent Representation

Our entry-level service. After capturing your vision for expanding into the Gulf States market, we lay out a short term plan for achieving key milestones related to market awareness, contact with key clients, and promoting your message in the Middle East. Our consultants attend meetings, make presentations, and attend conferences on your behalf.

Client Advocacy

Our next level of engagement. In addition to the Agent Representation services, we actively facilitate your company’s entry into the market by acting as a liaison between potential customers and your company’s own representatives. We facilitate on-the-ground support with product demonstrations, executive briefings, and advise on local opportunities to advance your product or service.

Ambassador Services

Our premium services offering. Full engagement from our team on your company’s behalf for an extended period of time, acting as a branch office of your company until it becomes feasible to establish your own brick and mortar presence in the region. In addition to the Client Advocate services, we can establish your company’s presence in a free trade zone, incorporate your business entity and otherwise “be your company” on the ground.


Regional technology news. Hear it from us first.

Skills gap exacerbates cybersecurity problem as Middle East faces threats

Driven by digital transformation projects begun by businesses and governments, the Middle East IT industry is seeing many transitions. With newer technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and the internet of things (IoT), being introduced, the demand for skilled…

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500 Emirati students to be trained in artificial intelligence

Hundreds of Emirati students will get training in artificial intelligence under a partnership signed between the UAE Government and a private company. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, signed the agreement with Mohammad Amin, senior vice-president, Middle East,…

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Middle East Cyber Security Market Analysis and Forecast to 2022

The Middle East cyber security market size is expected to grow from USD 11.38 Billion in 2017 to USD 22.14 Billion by 2022, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.2% during the forecast period. The major growth drivers of the market include the need to mitigate IT security risks,…

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